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Take a look around our site. Have you noticed the images of our staff in front of dotty pictures? What do these mean?

At Locations we take having fun seriously. Each of our agents created a composite logo for themselves using items in every day use which best describes who they are and what they bring to their clients and Locations team. We had them made into personal works of art and these are proudly displayed in our office and on our website - they speak of VALUE, of caring and of understanding each other. Most of all they talk about TRUST. At Locations we TRUST that we will be successful and we TRUST each other because we understand our core beliefs, strengths and challenges.

If you are serious about becoming a team player, and want to make a successful transition to a company that values you then come see us.

You will need to be prepared to put aside your personal ego and ambition to work in our team.  You will need to align with our thinking that reward is not always measured but felt. We are building a brand and we only sell service. If you think that works for you  please call and come for a chat.... 


Please Contact in Confidence:
Megan Inglis-Davies
(852) 98197870

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