Areas of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island


The Hong Kong Midlevels covers a range of areas from the Peak to the Central Business District and extends along the shore in an Easterly and a Western direction. There are several bands and many price brackets from the 'bachelor pads' of Soho to the lofty heights of Magazine Gap Road and the 'dress circle' of Hong Kong's green belt in the upper Midlevels.

web-hk-north.jpgMainly highrise, the Midlevels offers proximity to town, to restaurants and bars and appeals to many younger couples as well as to busy families in the upper zones. Being in the heart of Hong Kong has its advantages for travel and convenience and living in walking distance to Asia's vibrant city is certainly a lifetime experience you should not miss if you have the opportunity.

Prices can range from HK$13K for a small studio in Elgin to a one off prestigious residence at over HK$950,000 a month - its all here for whatever budget and balance you seek.

Local Schools include :
Carmel, Island School ( ESF Secondary) Glenealy School (ESF Primary) and a wide choice of preschools
HKIS and French School and Canadian all have buses picking up in this area

Clubs include Ladies Recreation Club, Bowen Road for a jog, Victoria Peak and HK Park


Traditionally the lofty domain of the Taipans and cohorts, medical and banking fraternity, The Peak offers hidden gems and privacy to those looking for peace and tranquility atop Hong Kong's Victoria Peak and lovely walking trails abound.

web-hk-peak.jpgThe property market on the Peak is generally lowrise with Hong Kong's most exclusive homes being tucked away here.
Larger apartments and townhouses complete the offering on the Peak with access to a great shopping precinct, good transport and a cooler climate throughout the year.

Apartments start at over $80,000 a month and prestigious houses take the Sky's the Limit to a new level.
The Peak Tower continues to draw large crowds of tourists up the perrenial Peak Tram but residents enjoy fine dining in the hub of the Peak complex.

Schools include Montessori and Peak School ( ESF Primary) and the German Swiss School

The local area offers a wide variety of activities followed by high end and casual dining and cafes.


Loyal residents of Pokfulam enjoy the lowrise and low density of this green area, so handy to Hong Kong and just minutes away from restaurants and bars of hip and trendy Kennedy Town. This area offers very good value for money and there are a number of high rise and low rise options. The views out over the channel to Lamma and the Outlying Islands offer stunning sunsets. Tree lined streets and relatively low cost housing make Pokfulam a great choice for young families and there are excellent sports facilities nearby.

web-hk-west.jpgRents range from around $45,000 for a two bedroom flat in Bel Air and some of the smaller developments represent excellent value. Baguio Villa is one of the main stay mid range options for families.

Schools include Kennedy (ESF Primary) and West Island (ESF Secondary) along with access to the Harbour School in Kennedy Town and Kellet and the German Swiss Kindergarten. Excellent shopping options at Cyber Port and nearby local housing estates such as Scenic Villa and Baguio Walks around the reservoirs, horse riding and boating are all on offer in this area

Kennedy Town just over the hill and closer to Hong Kong Central is now served with the MTR line linking the city with a very up and coming trendy eating and living zone - almost a WOHO area ( West of Hollywood Road) has emerged in recent months and the town is literally climbing out of range for the seekers of cheap old establishments that formerly occupied the zone.

Restaurants of every variety abound and for apartment choices there are high rises, complexes such as Belchers and Merton and easy transport - a mecca for young and old alike.


The ribbon of sunny bays that dot the fringe of Hong Kong Island where it touches the South China Sea are affectionately known as 'the South Side' to locals and visitors alike. A mix of quality apartments and luxury townhouses in secluded bays or busy tourist hubs means there is something for everyone here.

Hong Kong SouthDeep Water Bay and Shouson Hill are close to HK and easy commutable with low rise townhouses. Repulse Bay is largely dominated by the two iconic buildings known as 101 and 109 and the beach is a fast paced action playground for tourists most days. The iconic Repulse Bay Hotel overlooks the scene with majestic glory and there are plenty of housing options in the bay.

Further around the coast are South Bay - quiet and secluded, Chung Hom Kok with lovely views over the ocean, and on to busy Stanley with its ever popular village and restaurant and bar scene and pretty beaches.

Tai Tam is a playground overlooking the water and the American Club is a major draw in this locality. Shek O would be a lovely way to spend a day and complete a tour of the South Side with sundowners on the beach.

Living on the South Side is a heady lifestyle mix of Mediterranean and Asia and the housing styles are just as diverse. A small apartment in Stanley may be an option from around HK$40,000 up and luxury housing options offer gardens and pools overlooking the sea. Many buildings have full club facilities and sport and leisure equipment.

Schools are commuting distance and include Bradbury (ESF Primary) South Island School (ESF Secondary) French Int School, Preschools, Montessori, and the HKIS Clubs nearby include Aberdeen Marina and Boat Clubs, The HK Cricket Club, Happy Valley Football Club, The Hong Kong Country Club, American Club and there are a multitude of leisure and sporting opportunities including water sports, golf, running and trail exploring.

Shopping includes very high quality supermarkets in Repulse Bay and Stanley, Stanley Plaza and Tai Tam and Chung Hom Kok shops for local stock.