Featured Properties

  • Sole Agent Regent Court

    Tai Hang

    Regent Court

    SA: 899 sq.ft. | GFA: 950 sq.ft. Sale HK$20,000,000 Ref #: 10756

    Updated On: 2018-7-19

  • Old Peak Mansion (Pacific Heights)

    Midlevels Central

    Old Peak Mansion (Pacific Heights)

    SA: 1,798 sq.ft. | GFA: 2,088 sq.ft. Lease HK$92,000 Excl Ref #: 9926

    Updated On: 2018-5-25

  • Hirams Highway


    Hirams Highway

    SA: 1,231 sq.ft. | GFA to be confirmed Lease HK$49,500 Incl Ref #: 6647

    Updated On: 2018-6-1

  • Tai Hang Hau

    Clear Water Bay

    Tai Hang Hau

    SA: 1,200 sq.ft. | GFA: 1,200 sq.ft. Sale HK$13,800,000 Ref #: 5546

    Updated On: 2018-6-7

  • 6-12 Crown Terrace

    Pok Fu Lam

    6-12 Crown Terrace

    SA: 1,536 sq.ft. | GFA: 2,002 sq.ft. Sale HK$34,000,000 Ref #: 10188

    Updated On: 2018-6-6

  • Baguio Villa (Lower Blk16-18 28-48)

    Pok Fu Lam

    Baguio Villa (Lower Blk16-18 28-48)

    SA: 2,079 sq.ft. | GFA: 2,330 sq.ft. Lease HK$72,500 Incl Ref #: 10761

    Updated On: 2018-6-22

  • Sheung Sze Wan

    Clear Water Bay

    Sheung Sze Wan

    SA: 2,100 sq.ft. | GFA: 2,100 sq.ft. Sale HK$68,000,000 Ref #: 5249

    Updated On: 2018-6-7

  • Manhattan Avenue

    Sheung Wan

    Manhattan Avenue

    SA: 419 sq.ft. | GFA to be confirmed Lease HK$25,000 Incl Ref #: 8387

    Updated On: 2018-6-1

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